5 Reasons We Are Thankful For Our Pets

5 Reasons We Are Thankful For Our Pets

On the fourth Thursday of November, millions of American families are going to sit down in front of the biggest meal of the year and take turns listing off the things they are thankful for. As pet owners and animal lovers, we decided to share our own special list of reasons why we are thankful for our pets.

Their Unconditional Love

As humans, sometimes we mess up, but our pets always stick around. They won’t stop hanging out with you because they made a new best friend. Really, thoughts like these would never even cross their minds, because our pet’s love has no bounds, and your pup is happy just to be a part of your family.

They Make Hard Days Easier

At the end of a long day, what is better than being greeted by your pet? They aren’t going to nag when dinner will be ready or why you took so long. They’ll just be happy to see you. Their ears perk up when they hear the garage door open or keys jingle in the front door. Some even come running over to you so fast that they almost take you out! They aren’t always the best at containing their excitement, but that is just another reason why we love them.


They Keep Our Secrets

We can tell our pets our personal feelings – and feelings on others – and never have to worry if they are going to blab. They are the best at listening without passing on any judgment. Everyone needs a little time to vent every once in a while and we always have our pets to count on.

They’re Experts at Cuddling

When you’re happy, sad, need some warmth, or just want company, our pets are ready to curl up right next to us. As you watch the big game with your family this Thanksgiving, save a spot on the couch for your dog. They’ll definitely appreciate it!

They Are the Best at Comforting You When You Are Sad

Call it animal intuition, but pets just know when something is up. The minute we feel blue, our pets look up at us with those puppy dog eyes (cats and older pups have them too) and remind us that everything will be okay.


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