Concha Charity

Concha Cookies “Treating” homeless pets with Love.

GIving back is a huge part of our mission at Concha Collar. We contacted countless pet rescue organizations all over the country. We asked what donation item they needed most. Some needed food, some needed towels, some needed toys, but ALL of them needed TREATS! So while these precious furbabies wait for their forever homes, together we can “treat” them to some love.

Every Concha purchase “treats” a homeless pet!
Treat a pet with your purchase today!
Treat a homeless pet with some Concha Cookies today!

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Help Support Animal Organizations in your area

If you have a rescue shelter in your community that’s important to you, please share it with us! Use the form below to tell us about the organization and why it means something to you. If you’d like a charm made specifically for them, you can email Cheryl@ConchaCollar.com or provide those details in the form. With your help, we look forward to helping more animal lives.

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