How It Works

When you order a Concha collar, you can buy up to 7 charms that you can personalize with pieces from our extensive charm collection.

Our charms will make any furbaby the coolest and most stylish pet in the neighborhood!  We have styles for the Diva Yorkie all the way to the Manly-Man Great Danes! 

All you have to do is choose your collar and pick your charms and we will send you a Concha Collar that showcases your personality!  It’s that easy!

Step 1: Buy a Collar

You get to pick a collar from our 4 colors and sizes from Mini to XL

Step 2: Select your Charms

Choose any 7 charms from our unique collection of over 60 pet theme options to arrange on your collar.

Step 3: Changeable and Customizable

You want to change the look? Simply unscrew the charm and replace it!

Step 4: Your Concha Collar is on its way!

We know you and your pet will love your new collar!

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