Concha Culture

Personalized. Customized. Collectible. Unique.

Hi, my name is Stogie..

... and I am a Rescue Dog. My mom, Cheryl, adopted me from a Rescue organization in the western suburbs of Chicago in the nick of time. My mom's BFF is Carla, and Carla has a very cool Australian Shepherd named Boomer.

Boomer and I were talking with a couple of our girlfriends about that fact that there aren't any cool and fun accessories for boy dogs. Our doggy girlfriends said that they have been looking for themselves, too, because most of the accessories they have seen are very generic and cheap looking.

So we went to the best people we know; our moms, and asked them to create something that was unique, cool, fun, high quality and had some "swag" to it and so they created Concha.

The Concha Culture represents Style, Coolness, Compassion, Uniqueness, Fashion and most of all, Fun! Concha is not just about accessories for pets, it's about a way of life for dogs and cats everywhere.

Gotcha Concha?