Our Story

At Concha, we strive to make a positive difference in the lives of our animal companions. So of course, the story of Concha begins with one of our four-legged friends. We’ll let Stogie tell his side of things.

Who We Are

Hi there, my name is Stogie. I was rescued by my two-legged mom, Cheryl, from a rescue organization in the western suburbs of Chicago. Mom came just in time, and I’m thankful she picked me to be her buddy for life.

Through Mom, I’ve made some other great friends, like this super cool Australian Shepherd named Boomer. One day, Boomer and I began talking with a few of our girlfriends about how there aren’t any cool and fun accessories for us boy dogs. Boomer and I are pretty cool pups, if I say so myself, but there wasn’t any clear way for us to show off our personalities to the world.

Our doggy girlfriends agreed. They said that most of the accessories made for them are too generic and cheap looking. That’s when we decided to go to the best humans we know—our moms. We asked them to create accessories for dogs that are unique, fun, cool, high quality and full of enough “swag” to make the squirrels jealous.

From there, they created Concha. As a go-to source for dog accessories, Concha brings style, compassion and fun to other pets like me. We’ve even let cats into the Concha Club. Check out what our moms make and how it all works