What to Pack on your Pet Road Trip

What to Pack on your Pet Road Trip

Thinking of taking a trip with your furry baby? It’s hard enough to remember all of the essentials for yourself- So we came up with a list of the best must-have products you and your pet should need for your journey. All vet and pet tested and owner approved:


Collapsible Water Bowls:

Whether it’s a collapsible silicone bowl (make sure it’s BPA free), a stainless steel, or fabric expandable travel bowl, they all hold up. They differ in complaints, but no major issues with any particular kind. Each depends on the size of your dog, the type of journey and whether you prefer a dishwasher or laundry machine safe.


Back Seat Cover:

Let’s face it, if your pet isn’t your baby, your car probably is. To help with the fur, scratches. You won’t have to sacrifice any of your blankets and this will actually stay in place and won’t wrap around your animal.


Food Containers:

When it comes to transporting dog food, you’re going to want to a good container to ensure fresh food so a tight seal is important and because accidents happen We have found that the best storage containers for dog food road trips are Vittles Vault!

Special Something from home: A plush toy, small blanket or pillow to remind your furry friend of home. Keep your pet entertained with a bone and a toy to help to calm any anxieties that develop over the course of the ride. Even though you think sitting in the back seat seems like nothing, this can be very taxing on your pet. This will also help from turning your car into a dog toy.

An animal first aid kit:

God forbid anything happens, but when you have to pull over into unfamiliar territories on the side of the road or rest stops you will most likely be unfamiliar with the terrain or wild animal or pest species. It’s a good idea to pack these:

    • Tweezers: for pulling stickers, prickles, and ticks out
    • Antiseptic like hydrogen peroxide or brown mouthwash: disinfect small cuts and wounds by smearing antiseptic cream on them
    • Spray liquid bandage: real band-aids don’t work well on fur-to seal minor cuts and wounds and prevent infection
    • Benadryl: you can use this in very small doses to help minor skin inflammation and itching (As with any medications, check with your vet first before using.)
    • Neosporin: apply before spraying the liquid bandage on


  • Towel: For injuries, to help keep covered and dry. Also good to have packed in general with all messes.


Harness or leash: Of course this is an obvious one but that’s why it makes it the easiest to forget. Or you assume your other human was packing it. Make sure to bring a truest leash and harness. Because you will likely be in a new exciting place, animals tend to take off. You can even get ones with a clasp to help stay put in the car. While you’re at it, make sure proper dog collars are on along with updated tags and information.

Frequent bathroom, breaks and regular eating times will help make this trip as smooth as possible. So many times when we leave for vacation we think of getting a pet sitter or boarding them up. We forget how easy it can be to bring them with us, which is great because we usually miss them too much while we’re gone.




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