Concha Collar NEW Collection

Features customized collars for dogs or cats with permanently-affixed charms. You choose the charms, we connect them to your preferred collar. Ideal for your own pets (and great as gifts!) these permanent charm collars are available for a limited time.

You choose your favorite charms
We connect them for you!

And we ship them right to your door!

Some days your pooch or kitty feels spunky. Other days blingy. And, who doesn’t like to festively accessorize for the holidays?

The key to our  new collection is versatility. Available NOW, this new charm design features an improved twist and lock connector instead of a snap. Tested for rambunctious play, charms stay in place until you are ready for your next look.

And that next look is right at your paw tips! New charms are ever-debuting so your collar stays fetchingly fresh. Collect all of your favorites and play with arranging them in countless combinations.

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