Studs are an integral part of creating your custom Concha Collar!  All studs are sold in 2-packs - that means you get 2 for the price of 1!  Not only do these help keep the cost down while collecting, they also make the fun decorative charms between them stand out!  Studs make putting together theme collars easy and fun!  Think of a theme you want to create...pick 4 studs in the color or colors you want, alternate them from end to end, then add 3 novelty charms in the open spaces - Done!  A new collar look for a new day! 
Go from Diva to Daring by changing from pink studs to spikes! Go from everyday to out on the town by adding a bow tie/bow, high heel shoe (Jimmy Chew), Tuxedo, or a dangle wine glass perhaps?
Take a photo of your favorite theme and share it with us - we will post it on Instagram!

What's on YOUR collar?