About Us

The idea of Concha Collar was born when Cheryl, co-founder of Concha Collar and Carla, her BFF and now business partner, were looking for a way to honor the memory of Cheryl's beloved rescue dogs (pictured below), Bogart, a St. Bernard and Johnson, a Sheltie/Golden mix, who had passed away within 18 months of one another. 

Cheryl wanted to put something special on Stogie's collar (her current rescue dog) to commemorate her love for Bogart and Johnson--but just couldn't' find anything that fit the bill.  While chatting about it (over wine, of course), Carla and Cheryl thought of a really great idea...what if the pet parent could design a collar that would show all of their current and/or past pets' favorite things?  And their favorite things as well?  If Pandora could do it, why couldn't we design one for our precious dogs and cats?  And so the concept was born.

As crazy (in a good way), animal lovers, Cheryl and Carla were excited to create something truly unique that pet owners would love.  Carla put her awesome design mind to work to create a fun collar design that would be customizable AND changeable.  You can swap out the charms at any time for a holiday, occasion or just for a different look! We have leashes, too!