Concha Compassion

Concha and compassion go hand-in-hand. Our animal companions love us unconditionally and expect very little in return. At Concha, we want to share the love with pets near and far by giving back to organizations that advocate for animals. Working with shelters and other animal-related charities, Concha hopes to help pets in need of love, attention and care. Together, we can support animal organizations and give more pets a chance at happier, healthier lives.

Why We Give Back:

Our sweet and innocent fur babies rely on us to provide and care for them. It is our responsibility to help them whenever possible, which is part of the reason why Concha is so dedicated to giving back.

Sadly, animal abuse occurs rather often around the world. We want to put an end to the mistreatment of animals, which means we must be the voice that they lack. We must stand up for pets that give so much and expect so little.

As part of our mission to support animal organizations, Concha will work with shelters and rescue facilities to create custom charms for the animals they house. By giving these loving pets customized collars and charms, we can show off their unique personalities and help them get one step closer to finding their forever homes. Additionally, as these items are sold, the proceeds will go towards featured animal organizations, so they can continue their important work.

Help Support Animal Organizations in Your Area

If you have a rescue shelter in your community that’s important to you, please share it with us! Use the form below to tell us about the organization and why it means something to you. If you’d like a charm made specifically for them, you can email or provide those details in the form. With your help, we look forward to helping more animal lives.