Christmas Gifts to Treat your Dog

Christmas Gifts to Treat Your Dog

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s only a matter of time until you start hearing Christmas carols every minute of the day, and seeing Christmas decorations everywhere you turn.

One other thing you’re sure to soon witness is everyone scrambling to get their Christmas presents in order. Let alone the need to buy gifts for your friends and family, there’s also your coworkers, and all of those other special people in your life to consider.

With so many people to buy for, you may just forget to treat that special canine in your life to something as well. Yes, your pup deserves a Christmas gift too! After all, they’ve stuck by your side this whole year, and deserve a bit of a reward!

So what are the best Christmas gifts for dogs? Below, we’ve put together a list of 4 gifts that your pup is bound to love.

1. A Dog Sweater

Want to add a bit of style to your dog? Why not treat them to a gorgeous dog sweater? Not only will they look great, but sweaters also serve a practical purpose too. “Just like humans, dogs can get cold, especially those who have short fur and were originally bred for warmer climates,” says Kristin Hitchcock from Pet Life Today.

Think about it - we’ve all been without a sweater or coat on a cold winter’s day, so imagine how your dog must feel when they have to face harsh winds or snow without anything to protect them. A dog sweater is, therefore, a wonderfully versatile present that will serve them whenever the weather takes a cold turn. If you are really in the festive spirit, you can even opt for a Christmas-themed one. Just imagine your dog in a Santa sweater or even a reindeer one!

2. Fun Toys

Are your dog’s toys looking a bit worn down? Use Christmas as an excuse to buy your dog a new toy! As you know, there is no shortage of dog toys on the market. From balls to chewy toys, if you choose to go down the toy route, you will need to narrow down the right one for your dog.

You can easily do this by deciding what you want the toy for. If you’re training your dog, get a training toy. If you simply want to treat them to something fun to play with, go for something more on the exciting side. Just be sure the toys are safe for dogs before you purchase anything, and also keep in mind that the puppy and adult dog toys may vary.

3. A New Collar

If you’re after one of the top doggy fashion trends of the year, you can’t go past a Concha Collar. Unlike standard collars, which to be frank, tend to be quite boring, Concha Collars are customizable and changeable.

Do we have you intrigued? Concha Collars are “a collectible line of charms that attach to our quality leather collars and leashes for pets with personality.” There are over 60 Concha Charms to choose from, so anytime you want to add a bit more creativity to your pup’s collar, you can simply rearrange your chosen charms, or purchase a new one to try out! The reason the dog collars are so unique is that Concha Collars believes that every pet is unique, so their collar should be, too!

4. Something to Chew On

Christmas is time to feast, so why not let your dog in on the fun, too? Giving your dog some delicious treats this Christmas is sure to be a present well-received by them. There are so many doggie treats to choose from as well. If you’re after something more decadent (it is Christmas, after all), there are many varieties of dog biscuits designed to give to your dog every so often.

If your dog is on a diet, or you’re more health-conscious, don’t worry - your dog doesn’t need to miss out! There are tons of healthy treats to choose from, including organic varieties, and nutrient-packed snacks. Shop around, and you’re sure to find a delicious treat your dog will love guzzling up.