3 Ways to Show Off Your Pet's Personality

Your pet is funny, cute or so photogenic that you cannot resist showing off their personality. Why do we do this? We pet owners can testify to the fact that our pets have personalities similar to our own! The way that our pets’ eyes exhibit happiness or puzzlement or the way the tail moves to express excitement or anger.

We also spend hours on social media cooing over a cute animal and willingly sharing photos of animals we do not personally know with one another. Think of the famous pets known across social media such as Grumpy Cat or Boo, the fluffy Pomeranian.

Choose a Designer Collar and Leash

Concha Collar has a fabulous line of designer leashes and collars that you can customize to fit your pet’s personality and mood. Is she a diva? There’s gorgeous, colorful crystals that she and you will love. A silent, furry type? There’s some lovely masculine charms to fit his serious mood. You can match and mix with different sizes and colors, and each collar or leash comes with six or eight snaps that you can personalize with pieces from Concha Collar’s extensive charm collection. You can view inspirational photos of pets’ collars on their website and Instagram.

Upgrade Your Pet’s Wardrobe

They say clothes make the man. Well, clothes can show off your pet’s personality too. A cute bandana wrapped around your furry friend’s chest clearly expresses the sassy personality. A fashionista pooch would wear a little hat with swag. Attach a child-sized tie to the collar for a strong statement or slip a pair of small sunglasses on your pet’s head to highlight a sporty attitude.

Some dynamite two- and four-legged duos go a step further and either wear matching clothes or at least coordinate their fashion styles. Truly, there’s no limit to the wardrobe and your furry friend for daily adventures or special occasions. Speaking of special occasions…

Photo Ops

When you and your fur baby step out in style, just sizzling with personality, mark the moment with a selfie and upload the memory to your favorite social media outlet like Facebook or Instagram. With a little luck, a wonderful snapshot will be spotted by the right crowd, and before you know it, your pet just may be a potential viral star.  

Interested in building a following for your cute pet? Take a lot of photographs of your fur baby in different settings, but wear a very judicious eye and upload one or two best photos a day. The more dedicated you are to documenting your pet’s life, the more your followers will want to see without being burnt out by too many identical selfies.

Hashtags can be your best self-promotion friend in finding the right like-minded community.  Using hashtags like #cute, #weeklyfluff or #petsofinstagram to introduce viewers to your beloved pet. The right hashtags will lead your followers to your social media account and build a community, and building a community requires reciprocity. Take the time to explore your social media circle and like, comment and share other people’s accounts. This exchange of love can only help enhance your bragging rights and increase the number of your followers.

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