Five Ways to Celebrate National Walking the Dog Day

The origins of National Walking the Dog Day are shrouded in mystery, but we love the idea! What better way to celebrate your bestie than by taking a long walk or two? At Concha Collar, we feel that you should celebrate first and foremost by taking your dogs out in beautiful personalized Concha Collars with charms and walking them on our custom leather dog leashes, of course! Once you try out that custom leather leash, you’ll be a Concha Collar fan for life! Here are some fun ways to celebrate National Walking the Dog Day on Feb. 22 by walking your dogs with custom leather dog leashes.

Not Just Any Old Park Will Do

Cities all over the USA are building parks dedicated to dogs. Dog parks can easily be found by contacting your city or county’s recreation website. The benefits of walking your dog to a dog park are many. Often dog parks will have specialized equipment for your dog to jump over, run through or climb on. Dogs and humans can also enjoy socializing with other dogs and their owners at a dog park, where you know you’ll always have at least one thing in common. Your dog will also love exploring local hiking trails. Keeping your dogs on leash with Concha Collar custom leather dog leashes will help you keep your dog to one side of the trail, which is especially important if the trail is shared with bikers.

Time for Sniffing

One way to plan an extra-special National Walking the Dog Day is to build in extra time for your dog to sniff, explore, mark a spot, and hunt for moles or chipmunks (not that they have to catch them!). Our lives are so fast-paced that we sometimes forget that our furry friends need to be on “dog time,” not human time.

Teach an Old Dog a New Trick

Celebrate your partnership with your dog by teaching it a new trick on National Walking the Dog Day. If your dog is a pup, you can train it to walk on a leash. If your dog is mature and knows how to walk on a leash, you can teach it other tricks like “Stop, Go, Fast, Slow,” walking on a beam, weaving in and out of cones, or staying and sitting for an extended period of time. She’ll think she’s celebrating when she gets a treat from you for good performance!


Finding a spot on your walk to play with your dog will provide a lot of fun and exercise for him and for you. Some parks, especially dog parks, allow you to take off those custom leather dog leashes to play. Give dogs a bit of sport by playing fetch with a tennis ball, tossing a frisbee or playing tug-of-war with a toy or towel. Have a partner hide a toy or treat for your dog to find. Just make sure your dog is well-trained and prepared to be reliable off-leash.

Concha Collar’s Custom Leather Dog Leashes

Mastering the walk on National Walking the Dog Day will be easy as pie when using Concha Collar custom leather dog leashes. Our leashes are made from high-quality, double-layered leather and are dyed using vegetarian dyes to protect your baby’s skin. When you walk your dog regularly with a Concha Collar leash, every walk is a celebration of your love and care for your pet. The friendly folks at Concha Collar wish you wonderful walks on National Walking the Dog Day, Feb. 22.

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