Tips for Fun, Healthy Outings with Your Dog

Dogs are descended from wolves who are very active and high energy mammals who spend about 80 percent of their waking moments hunting and scavenging. So your dog is naturally activity-oriented, although we all know dogs who do prefer a more sedentary lifestyle.

For your dog’s mental and physical sake, there are fun, healthy outings available to enrich her mind and body and to alleviate boredom. If your dog is high-energy, you will want to find activities that will help your furry friend focus on burning off all that excess energy.


Put the dog leash on your buddy and take a long daily walk or run, a classic activity that you and your dog can do together.  Not only do you burn calories and stay fit, the bond between the two of you will deepen in a meaningful way and help your dog develop important socialization skills with strangers. Fun and practical custom dog collars and leashes that reflect your personality are available on Concha Collar website.

Play fetch using a ball, a stick, a frisbee or a rope toy. Not only will both of you have fun, it will also reinforce the training technique of retrieving an item for you and most importantly, coming back to you on command.


Teaching your dog to track scents is a fun hide-and-seek activity for dogs that engages both their physical and mental dexterity. Take a class or read a book on how to teach your dog to track scents and watch as she learns to use her keen sense of smell to find her favorite toys and bring it to you with joy on a job well done.

As an alternative, set up an obstacle course in the living room or in the backyard where your dog can climb over, walk under, explore, and wander through in a way that makes the dog develop reasoning skills.

Car Rides

Many dogs have adventurous, curious souls and love going on car rides, except when you are taking her to the V-E-T. Still, without some safety protocols in place, car rides can end up being unsafe for dogs, and it is never safe for dogs to sit on the driver as that will distract the driver from road safety.  There are many options for doggie car restraints for any size dog, and this will also help ensure your dog will not jump out of an open window. Look at options such as dog car harnesses, zip line harnesses, car crates, backseat hammocks that will help keep your dog from sliding from the back seat onto the floor and, lastly, back seat barriers that keep your dog from jumping into the front seats of the car.

To keep the car rides fun, safe and comfortable, make plenty of pit stops along the way, and feed your dog at least three hours before the ride to lessen chances of upset tummies. Be mindful of the temperature inside the car as dogs do overheat easily so either turn on the air conditioning or crack a window just enough to let the cooler air circulate indoors.

Which of these fun, healthy outings with your dog are you going to try first? You and your furry friend will have a great time bonding while stimulating the brain and flexing the body in a healthy way.  Do a combination of these activities consistently at least three times a week, and you both are on your way to building a healthier playful lifestyle.

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