New Year’s Resolutions to be a Better Pet Owner

It’s amazing just how fast a year can fly by, and before you know it, we just ushered in the new year with good cheer — and for many of us — a list of New Year resolutions to keep. As we evaluate our goals for our families, careers and personal goals, please remember to cast a thoughtful eye to your fur-babies as well.  As pet owners, we cherish their unconditional love and there are many wonderful New Year’s Resolutions we can adopt to reciprocate their companionship such as providing better healthcare to spending more quality time with your pet.  Below are some ideas that will inspire you to be a better pet owner.

Better Pet Health

Set up an appointment with your veterinarian for your pet’s annual health exam and to update any shots your fur-baby needs to stay healthy and safe.  

Is the food you feed your pet healthy and appropriate?  Treats should be pet-appropriate and be offered sparingly according to their lifestyle.  Sedentary pets burn fewer calories than active ones do.

Many pet owners have made resolutions to exercise regularly, and taking your pets with you to exercise makes it easier to stick to that resolution!  Concha Charms has a lovely line of leashes you can customize for your pet to practice a cardiovascular and stretching regimen and keep those muscles toned, joints flexible, and blood flowing.

Protect Your Fur-Babies

Pet insurance can make a great investment for your fur-babies.  Veterinary emergencies are often expensive, and when pet owners decide they cannot afford the treatment for their beloved pet, the decision to euthanize is often devastating.  Having pet insurance can help mitigate that decision, and there are a variety of different pet insurance options available to meet your needs.

Pets are wily creatures, and despite our most careful attention, they run away.  Ensure their safety by keeping their collar tags updated.  Visit Concha Charms to view and select their line of stylish collars and charms to hold your fur-baby’s tags.  For additional peace of mind, microchip them; your veterinarian can help you register them in mere minutes.

Is your home safe from furry mouths?  Toxic cleaners and unsafe conditions can be dangerous to your pets, especially when they are left unsupervised.  Are your household cleaners out of reach? Are the wires to your electronics and lamps well covered from any accidental chewing?

Improved Quality Time

Relationships can only improve when you spend quality time with others, and the same is true with your fur-babies.  They are animals who feel deeply and depend entirely on you for shelter, food, and companionship.  You are literally their world.  By spending quality time with your pet, you get to know each other well.

Grooming is a wonderful activity.  Most pets love the attention and regular grooming solidifies the bond between pet owner and the fur-baby.  

Take obedience classes, or learn a new activity together, such as an agility or tracking that hones your pet’s natural instincts. There are even classes available for cats and rabbits in some areas! You can ask your local pet store or google your local area to locate special classes.

Go have fun! Make a bucket list of adventures that you and your pet can enjoy together. Book a photography shoot and make your fur-baby the star.  Take a long ambling walk in a new part of the city. Visit the beach. Creating new memories will also help eliminate doldrums that comes from perpetual boredom and keep your pet’s brain engaged and active.  

Being an attentive, responsible pet owner is not a difficulty New Year’s resolution to make.  By making a commitment to keep your pet healthy, safe and happy, you create a loving, healthy household that lasts all year long.

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