Four Ways to Spoil Your Pet this Valentine’s Day

Your pet may not be the love of your life but probably comes pretty close. Pets are definitely family, no matter what flavor pet you have — dog, cat, ferret or guinea pig. All pets enjoy knowing we love them, so check out this list of ways you can spoil your furry loved ones this Valentine’s Day, including personalized embroidered dog collars and cat collars personalized with Concha charms.

The Gift of Time

Your Fido or Tiger are always at your side when you come home and not just because they want dinner. You are the pack leader, and they feel safe and secure when they’re by your side. Treasure your little ones this Valentine’s Day by spending extra time with them. Find a restaurant that is pet friendly and take your pet out to lunch. Better yet, walk them there. Your dogs will look snazzy eating outdoors in Concha Collar personalized embroidered dog collars. For kitty, plan some extra time in your day to snuggle up and give them a good scratch.

Who Wants Treats?

Valentine’s treats don’t have to be fancy or expensive to make your pet really happy this V-Day. Make some super-easy homemade treats for play or for snacking like frozen chew treats shaped like Kongs® for dogs. Just wash and core an apple, making sure to get the seeds out, then put your dog’s favorite treat inside: peanut butter, bananas or green beans. Put the apple in the freezer until frozen, and your dog will have a long-lasting Valentine’s treat. Atlantic Salmon is good for your cat and makes her tummy happy. Finding a healthy cat treat recipe with only three ingredients that is easy and fast to whip up is even better.

Spoiling Little Pets

If you own a guinea pig, the best way to spoil it is to give it hay, hay and more hay. Fun toys for playing and eating are available that have timothy hay and apple sticks inside for having a great time and for eating well. Hamsters, mice and rats like tunnels to play in, so consider making your little one some fun new places to play with toilet paper tubes or paper towel tube tunnels. Mice and hamsters like to play inside them, and rats will love chewing on them. Of course, you can buy elaborate crate and tunnel sets for more permanent options, just make sure they have plenty of space for burrowing and access to fresh air. One way your little one might enjoy being spoiled above all others is to have a playtime with you in an open-air playpen, where you can reach in and pet or tickle them and give them loads of attention.

Be Mine for Valentine’s Day!

Everyone wants to belong to someone for Valentine’s Day, which is why we say, “Be my Valentine.” Your cat or dog love belonging to you, and what better way to say “You’re mine!” for Valentine’s Day than decking them out in a personalized embroidered collar from Concha Collar? When you take your dog out for lunch, be the envy of the neighborhood by showing off your baby’s name stitched in  beautiful embroidery on the collar of your choice. Not only can you choose the right size, color and number of snaps, but you can accessorize your pet’s collar with fantastic charms that show off its personality and yours as well. Personalized embroidered dog collars and cat collars with personalized charms are a wonderful way to thank your pet for bringing love into your life.

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