Five Must-Haves for Walking Your Pet in Winter

Walking your dog in the winter can be so much fun. All dog owners have enjoyed the experience of watching their dogs bound around and play in the snow. However, when we love our dogs, it’s wise to be cautious and prepared for the weather. You’ll always need your Concha Collar handmade leather dog collars and leashes, but is there anything else you’ll need? Let’s explore the special items your dog might need to tolerate cold winter weather and to and stay safe.

Pet Paws

Dogs’ paws are designed to perform in all kinds of weather. The pads of their feet are covered with a thick epithelial layer (the outer layer) that is leather-like. Dogs also have high-body temperature, a high resting heart rate, and a different circulatory system than humans, all of which allow them and their little tootsies to stay warm in winter weather. So is that why Iditarod dogs wear booties? No, it’s in order to protect the pads of their feet from scratches and injury that would take them off trail. Your dog can also benefit from wearing booties with a slip-proof sole and waterproof shell that will protect their pads on icy surfaces and from being scratched by things they can’t see under the snow.  

If your dog simply won’t tolerate wearing booties, you can try various paw balms to protect their pads from the elements. Just be sure to use a dog-safe wipe to remove the balm when returning home. Please don’t allow your pet to lick the balm or gel off of his paws! One brand, Musher’s Secret, is made of food-grade waxes that are hypoallergenic and free of toxins as well as breathable. If you like to make things for your dog yourself, try this homemade paw balm from the American Kennel Club.

Getting a Grip

Not all kinds of winter weather require paws to be covered, so if you go out with your pet without booties, make sure your dog’s nails are well-trimmed so they can keep a grip on any surface. Otherwise, expect your dog to slip and slide on any ice, which may cause you to lose your footing as well, despite the benefit of your Concha Collar handmade leather dog collars and leashes! Using a professional-grade nail trimmer will make the job much easier and faster, which your dog should appreciate.

Winter Wear

If your dog is petite or short-haired, you may want to consider clothing them in a sweater or a coat. Short- haired dogs lack the thick undercoat of long-haired dogs and also have less body heat, so snuggling them up in a beautiful sweater or a waterproof jacket is a safe bet.  

Concha Collar Handmade Leather Dog Collars and Leashes

Whatever you do, don’t leave home on a cold winter day without your Concha Collar handmade leather dog collars and leashes. The high-quality double-layered vegetable-dyed leather of our collars and leashes will last for years, look fabulous, and will not irritate your dog’s sensitive skin. Plus, our collars can be personalized with embroidery to show off your pet’s name and can reflect your pet’s attitude with sassy charms. Quality and sass, only from Concha Collar.

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