4 Gifts for Dog Lovers

The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to get presents for everyone. Fighting the crowds is hard enough, but the real challenge in holiday shopping is deciding what to get everyone on your list. For the dog lovers in your life, the right gift doesn’t have to be that hard to find.

The market for pet gifts is surprisingly large, so it can be difficult sorting through the sheer number of options. The best gifts for dog lovers are like gifts for anyone else. They’re best when they’re personal and meaningful. The following 4 gifts emphasize the relationship between your dog loving friends and their furry companions.

Pet Silhouettes

For true dog lovers, it’s nice to carry a piece of their pet with them wherever they go. With a pet silhouette they can. You can find services that will create a shadow silhouette of a dog to store in a tiny locket. This artistic minimalism coupled with its striking simplicity offers a gentle reminder of who’s such a good dog. If you think your dog loving friend won’t like a locket, you can find other services that will create larger painted pieces and even entire ceramic profiles.

Custom Portraits

It should be easy enough for you to nab a quick picture of your dog loving friend’s pet from social media. With that, you have a lot of opportunity for custom portraits. There are services that allow you to create custom pillow covers, blankets, mugs and more all with the dog’s loving face on it. If you need to give someone an early holiday present, you can get them a custom ornament with their dog on it. You can be sure they’ll hang it on their tree straight away.

Charm Bracelet

Your dog loving friend can show off how much they love their pet with a charm bracelet. Not only is this a great gift for the holidays, but it keeps on giving well after the holidays are over as the recipient can keep adding more charms from bones to paws to hearts with quirky phrases on them. Also, when you’re looking for additional gifts for dog lovers after you’ve gotten the charm bracelet, your search is easy. You just need more charms.

Concha Charms

If your friend is getting a charm bracelet, why shouldn’t their dog? The dog is the real star of the show, and they can show it with concha charms. First you need an appropriate collar to attach the charms, then you can let the dog’s personality shine. There are a variety of different charms to choose from including sparkly paws, kiss candies, cupcakes, bow ties and more. You’ll even find charms of beer mugs and cigars which are perfect for a bulldog or particularly ironic poodle.

There are even leashes available with additional charm slots should an eccentric dog’s collar run out of places to represent their colorful personality. See all of this and more online at Concha Collar. Visit today and see the great offers available for you this season! You’re sure to find the perfect gifts for dog lovers in your life.

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